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Reputation is everything
Alex Ford, operations director of Oakman Inns, talks about the value of online reputation monitoring and novel uses of the data for effective external recruitment.more
In keeping with our philosophy that customers define service quality, we go out of our way to recruit real customers as mystery passengers, providing a mix of local people (from the mainland…more

Your Quality Mark

Clarity is everything to us. At Service Science we'll present you with a pristine picture of your reputation and measure the quality of your service in real time. Sentegrade will display the strengths and weaknesses of your service quality compared with your competitors.
In today's world there's so much 'noise' - information from hundreds of sources telling you what people think of you. Have you ever felt you don't know which way to turn next? Well let us be your filter and your signpost.
We also understand how busy you are. That's why the Sentegrade dashboard is designed to help you manage service quality using less than 10 minutes of your day. You and your team will be able to see clearly, at a glance, what you need to do to stay on top of your game and deliver fantastic service to your customers.
We collect, collate and deliver to your fingertips, feedback from up to three main channels...

Sentegrade Online - Reputation management

Not only key to future sales through advocacy, but playing a crucial part today in your search engine ranking

Sentegrade In-House - Real customer feedback

Channelled into measurable criteria benchmarked against national and international standards

Sentegrade Mystery Shopper - Measurement programme

Let us supply you with a special type of customer. Feedback integrated to focus your team on key areas to enhance your service levels and reputation
Yes, our track record is primarily in the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure sectors, but the Sentegrade model can work for any business. Let us show you how.