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Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you break down your customers’ experiences into individual interactions, identifying their needs and emotions as they engage with your business.

This enables us to uncover the key customer behaviours and split-second decisions that occur during your customers’ journeys. Knowing what drives customer behaviour will enable you to make more informed decisions to improve your service delivery.

What your customers say they do and what they really do are two different things. Our behavioural scientists will help you to understand the decisions your customers are faced with, and what influences those decisions, as they journey through your business.

By applying those influences to your customer journeys, we can help you improve both the customer experience and profitability of your business.

Our Methodologies Include:

  • Menu design optimisation – promoting high margin  items and the delivery of timely information.
  • Journey mapping – understanding customer behaviour across each touchpoint and understanding how you can influence that behaviour.
  • Eye tracking – gathering insight to enable the optimal positioning of marketing and promotional messaging to influence the decisions of your customers.
  • Pricing psychology – understanding the psychological impact of pricing and the perceived value of your brand.

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“We work hard to continually improve our service and levels of care, which means we need an insight provider who is very responsive and able to adapt and develop the service we require. Service Science absolutely meets that criteria.”

– Marketing & Sales Director, Four Seasons Health Care.

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