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Your employees are often your most effective brand ambassadors. Ensuring they are engaged in your business and their roles is essential in delivering great service to your customers.

How engaged your people feel is influenced by a number of factors, from working environment and salary to line management and feeling valued. And not everyone feels engaged by the same set of factors.

Engagement Surveys

Typically, a company will conduct a survey as the starting point to address employee engagement levels, with the intention of discovering how engaged or disengaged their employees may be. On completion of the survey, there typically follows analysis, investigation and creation of action plans.

But answering lengthy questionnaires can be a remarkably disengaging experience. Shouldn’t an engagement survey itself be engaging?

And while many companies have introduced new channels for their surveys so employees can complete them online or even via tablet devices – many are still just an online version of the traditional paper survey.

Rather than a once-a-year passive data collection exercise, our employee engagement surveys, delivered with our partners – Thyometrics – are an always-on dynamic survey and commmunications tool.

Key Benefits of our surveys are:

  • Simple-to-use, taking just seconds to complete
  • Always-on technology means your survey runs 24x7 throughout the whole year
  • Captures fine detail of opinion
  • See trends immediately in response to changes, events and announcements
  • Real-time access to broad and deep analytics
  • Anonymous communications suite enables two-way dialogue on factors of engagement
  • Simple to set up and minimum administration required
  • Competitive costs typically lower than traditional surveys

Get in touch with us for a demonstration and to find out more.

Employee Workshops

Employee workshops

How to respond to and act on the valuable data you have collected from both customers and employees really is the key to developing a successful customer experience strategy.

Your people play a critical role in helping to improve the customer experience. With our network of associates, we offer employee workshops tailored to your business needs.

Just contact us for more information on our bespoke workshops and how they can help develop and engage your teams on the right priorities for your business.

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