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Your existing customers have a wealth of information to give you. From their first impressions when they’re considering using your services; while they are interacting with your brand; or shortly after using your services with their experiences still fresh in their minds.

Customer satisfaction surveys can be used to track customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis or to investigate specific issues. The key thing to remember is that good questions give you good information, so it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions.

We recommend the use of survey tools to:

Define a great customer experience (using data
not assumption)

Develop effective
marketing campaigns

Better understand
your advocates

Create brand

Our service scientists have a wealth of experience in translating your particular issue or area of interest into a set of questions that provide real insight. And it’s what you do with that information that’s equally important.

We can even filter your survey results to reveal unique insights that can give you the opportunity to create a truly customised experience, one that endears you to the customer and makes them a real ambassador of your brand.

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“We appreciate the more personal touch we get from the Service Science team as they really make the effort to understand our business. Having a consistent point of contact helps to maintain that great relationship and ensures our requirements are met.”

– Managing Director, Northcote Leisure Group.

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